Welcome from the new Headteacher

February 27, 2015 in Front Page News, Headteacher's newletters, Headteachers Blog by Mrs T Clarke

As the new Headteacher of Kingsbury School & Sports College I am delighted to welcome you to our website. The website provides you with useful information about our school and will be updated over the coming months. The school is now being led by the Fairfax Multi-Academy in a school to school agreement in conjunction with Birmingham Local Authority. It is an exciting time for the school as it prepares to become a sponsored academy within the Fairfax group of schools.

At Kingsbury School we are committed to high standards of presentation, behaviour and achievement. A calm purposeful environment is the key to successful learning & achievement.

The school has unlimited potential and it is well supported by parents, local primary schools and the community.

Potential parents are welcome to visit the school at any time where they can meet the Headteacher and visit classrooms to see the school in action.

Please contact the Headteachers’s PA if you would like to organise a visit.

Mr Mark Rhatigan



Students Return To School on Tuesday 24th February

February 22, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr J Barton

We hope that everyone has had a relaxing half term break and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to school. As per our previously published school calendar (see right):

Staff will be undertaking training on Monday 23rd February around our school improvement priority areas.

Students are expected to return to school at 8.40am on Tuesday 24th February in full school uniform with full equipment and planners.



Stretch Projects

February 11, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr J Barton

Over the course of a term, each form group has completed their ‘Stretch Projects’. This is unique aspect of school life at Kingsbury in which students from different years work together in form time twice a week to complete a project and develop a range of key skills.
photo 4
Since November, as well as form time discussions around the ‘thought for the week’ and solving the unsolvable with our weekly ‘thunks’, students have been constructing a scale model of their form room and creating a form book to develop teamwork, problem solving skills and a sense of form identity.
photo 3
Each house has selected the best ‘Stretch Project’ from their forms and these were judged by a panel of staff in the hall today to find the overall winner of the house competition.
photo 2
There were some fantastic models and some inspirational writing in the form books. A selection will go on display in our library and main reception for parents to see.
photo 1
We will be announcing the overall winner tomorrow morning via our Twitter (www.twitter.com/kingsburyssc)  and Facebook page.(www.facebook.com/kingsburyssc)



‘Wear It! Beat it!’ Over £500 raised for the British Heart Foundation

February 6, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr J Barton

As part 0f the ‘Wear it! Beat It!’ campaign, students and staff at Kingsbury raised over £500 together today for the British Heart Foundation. DSC_0027

As well as paying to wear one item of red clothing, there were a range of events and house competitions at break times which included a cake sale, throwing wet sponges at teachers, students organising their own ‘tuck shop’ and a variety of competitions and events including basketball, table tennis and more.


The successful day saw house teams competing against each other to raise as much money as possible. Wilberforce hosted penalty shoot outs, sold sweets and the ‘Soak Mr Murphy’ event went down a storm. Burkitt ran a basketball tournament and arranged a student led tuck shop in the atrium. Tolkien’s very own Ms Folkes baked some delicious cakes and fried dumplings to help towards the total. Ravenhill’s tuck shop was a success with most items already sold by first break followed by ‘Soak Ms Pearson’ on second break. Chamberlain hosted a ‘guess the sweets’ in the jar and a ‘who’s knee is this?’ creative guessing game! A fun day was had by all and all the money will go towards the life saving research for The British Heart Foundation. An outstanding total of £556.13 was raised in the day.


Huge congratulations to Ravenhill House, led by Miss Pearson, who were the house champions – raising over £200 in their house and winning 100 house points too.


Thank you to all staff and students for their time and energy in supporting a great cause and developing an understanding and awareness of the work of the British Heart Foundation.

Kingsbury students and staff raised a huge amount of money in 2014, including more than £700 for Children in Need and Save the Children.

This year we will be taking part in many more fundraising activities which will be added to the all new Kingsbury Fundraising Totaliser near main reception. Take a look to see our fundraising achievements throughout 2015.


Year 11 Mock Exams (2nd February – 13th February)

February 1, 2015 in Front Page News by Mr J Barton

Year 11 mock exams begin on Monday 2nd February. These will run until Friday 13th February. Students and parents/carers can download the timetable here:

Year11 Mock Exam Timetable

Students should ensure they arrive promptly to each exam, fully equipped and prepared and in full school uniform, checking times and venues carefully.

When exams are not scheduled, all Year 11 students are expected to follow their usual timetable, arriving at school each day by 8.40 a.m.

This is the final opportunity for students to practise the exam processes and fine-tune revision strategies and exam technique ahead of the exam season beginning later on in the year.

The ‘Study Guru’ resources on the KSSC Live app are available to students to support their exam preparation.

Good luck from all staff at KSSC


Kingsbury Newsletter January 2015

January 30, 2015 in Front Page News, Headteacher's newletters by T Stevens


Art in the eye of a needle – so small and yet so big!

January 21, 2015 in Front Page News by C O'Driscoll

This week Kingsbury played host to a visit from the Brummy artist internationally celebrated for his minute artwork –  Willard Wigan.

Willard took time out of his busy schedule to visit the school and talk inspirationally to students about what has driven him towards excellence and influenced his work.  Students listened to Willard’s account of growing up in Birmingham and discovering and then developing his talent for creating works smaller and smaller.  They heard about the role his mother played in encouraging him to make things smaller and then his reputation would become bigger.

Everyone was amazed by Willard’s artwork and inspirational story.


Thank you Mr Wigan, a Brummy like us who has risen to international acclaim.  It shows anything is possible if you foster a talent and work hard.

An exhibition of Willard Wigan’s work is currently taking place in Birmingham Central Library.


Artistic Start to Term

January 19, 2015 in Front Page News by C O'Driscoll

During the first weeks of term students have been involved in a number of artistic visits and experiences.

On Friday 16.1.15 a group of students visited  the artist’s Willard Wigan’s exhibition – artwork within the eye of an needle.  This week the Kingsbury will be hosting a visit from Willard, who is Birmingham based with an international reputation.  He will be speaking to students about his work as an artist and the decisions he had to make along the way to get to where he is now.

On Friday 23.1.15 all Year 7 students will be participating in a visit to see the CBSO as part of Kingsbury’s ongoing partnership work with the orchestra.

January saw the re-introduction of Music lessons within the timetable, with plans from September for full provision.